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Last thing I made was EBOOK INTRO
30 July 2018

Last thing I made was: SpiritAsFact.exe
And in future you will see me on and behind my:

In the early days,
it sometimes made sense to fight for your land and people.
But nowadays,
with rockets that bridge oceans in minutes,
bearing atomic and chemical heads that pollute whole earth,
starting such a fight is crazy.
So let us start the movement?!
In conflicts, we do not argue but just say:

Digital Piano Renovation

My 16 years old Roland HP237Re now really sounds brandnew again. Amazing! These contact-strips are the 'strings' of the digital piano. Each contact has 2 contact-points. When you push a piano-key, one point first makes contact, a short time later the second, depending on the speed of key-touching.