Beginning as basic force


In nature an ever lasting beginning is going on, birth followed by extinction. And ever and ever it starts again. Also the chaos after the explosion of a star starts again and shows structures after a while.
And even in our body it is happening, so that beginning again and again. Your cells are constantly refreshed, one dies, a new cell grows. When you are young, the gain is bigger than the loss, until you are grown up, then there is a balance.
So every moment you are partly born again, your body at least.
And we then experience durability, because not every part is refreshed or renewed at the same moment, exactly like a forest is durable while all trees die one after another.

But the atoms everything is made of, or at least the protons, neutrons and electrons, stay the same, it seems. So that new beginning actually only is an new arranging of these particles, we think. The particles themselves do not change. These particles once were created in a Big Bang, with all their inbuilt forces, and are existing unchanged since then.
Is not that the Western view, even now quantum-physics seems to contradict that view?

But are these atoms really durable? Or is it like with us and are atoms too constantly refreshed? I think that is the case.
A proton / neutron nowadays is considered to be not a solid part but built up of smaller particles, called quarks. And these quarks too are constantly refreshed, that is what I think, so one after another. One particle dies, an other comparable one is born.
The durability of an atom too then only is a kind of average, so like the durability of a forest with temporary trees.

So in the end, we will meet a particle, I think, that is nothing more but a beginning, again and again. Beginning with what? Just with limiting space, I think, with giving finite dimensions to the, in the essence, unlimited and infinite space.
So in the essence such a most fundamental particle actually is nothing but a kind of mathematics, a ghost, a plan, an idea, a limited idea and actually a limiting idea.

That is a quark I think (or else the still smaller part it is made of), just a plan, a plan that only wants to limit space. That limiting of space only lasts for a while, but then it is repeated again and again and so on.

Only when these most fundamental particles cooperate, durability can exist, because of the fact that not all particles are refreshed at the same moment. And apparently, the neutron or the proton-electron couple then is the first cooperation that makes this durability a lasting one.
But also here, the durability only is an average, like the durability of a forest. Constantly the parts of a neutron and proton are refreshed, but happily not all parts at the same moment.
And obviously there is a great regularity in this activity of renewing, with the result that all protons exactly look the same, like all gold atoms look the same. Sometimes however a proton changes into a neutron and then gold no longer is gold.

So that is what physicists see on that quantum-level, I think. Just that basic force, the beginning, the limiting of space, always for a while but ever and ever again.
Creation then still is going on and in the Big Bang especially, and even only, that creative power was created.

At the moment physicists seem to think that these most fundamental particles use a kind of trick. And when illusionists let things appear and disappear, then there always is a scientific explanation. It always is only a trick.
There on that quantum-level it is not a trick, I think. The particles really disappear there and come to existence again, into and out of nothing.
How else can we explain all these quantum-phenomena?

And not only the quantum but also the electromagnetic phenomena can be explained in this view, charge in particular. For when the quarks are only a constant beginning, then it means that an atom too is partly born again constantly. Every moment a part dies while at the same moment a new part is born.
There where a part dies we experience the positive charge of a proton, I think. There where a new part is born, we experience the negative charge of the electron. A piece of future then becomes atom, while a piece of atom disappears into the past, and that is the way atoms travel through time.
A neutron then is pauzing for a while.

In and out. Out and in.

1. It all starts with that basic force, that first plan to give the infinity finite dimensions. That, of course, only lasts a moment. But it starts over and over again.
2. Only when such most fundamental particles cooperate, durability can exist, because not every part is renewed at the same moment.

So that is the basic mechanism in our reality, in my view, space and time and space/time and space/space relations.

end 1999 - beginning 2000

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