The power of people

Walking human.

There can be no doubt about the fact that the majority of ordinary people actually has the power on earth. If for example 70% of the people really wants something to happen or change, then it also will happen. It also is the only way to break a dictatorship.

Do we also use that power we have? I do not think so, we let many things just happen.
At the moment many people, especially in the higher levels of our society, are busy with doing all kinds of things, for us they say, while we never asked for it.
And all together they offer us a complex society with many superfluous and contradictory rules, while only a few rules really are necessary.
We actually have these rules, only to give these higher level workers their work.
Actually, these higher level workers create their work themselves, for at the moment these higher level workers have the factual power on earth, not only bureaucrats but also many experts on all fields.
I am exaggerating a bit now, but the idea is clear, I hope. These higher level workers anyhow do not want to lose their privileged position.

Why is it that we let everything just happen? Why do not we ask for more simplicity?
That is because we ordinary people do not really believe in our power. Many of us really think that we need a higher level expert for nearly all things we do, except for our own specialty.

And we give the message to our children. They also learn not to trust their own mind but to always ask an expert.

We really can make our society much more simple, and to show that is one of the main purposes of this website.
We actually only need 2 main-rules:
1. Do not abuse power.
2. Be honest, do not lie.
And also if you do not use your individual power but instead of that just follow the majority, also then you can abuse your power. I think. Because you had the power to say 'no' (or 'yes') but did not dare it.

The experts will not easily accept this relational philosophy and view. Because making the society more simple, also means less experts.
So if you are a member of the ordinary people, and you like to hear the opinion of an expert about the relational philosophy, then do not expect great willingness. But they will not tell you why.

This website is for ordinary people and they also have to trust their own mind then. Because if you accept the view, then you are one of the first and you therefore will not yet find much confirmation in your environment.
And if you are a scientist yourself, well then you need courage, I think.

This overrating of experts and expertise in my opinion actually is an overrating of our human mind. See more about that in the relational philosophy.

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