Spirit as fact

If you have a spiritual view, then it is not always easy to defend your view against materialists who only accept hard facts as true and real. The relational view then can help you.

First of all, you can show these materialists that there not only exist hard, but also soft immaterial facts. The shoe for example is a hard material fact, the foot as well. But the fitting of the shoe to the foot of course also is a fact, though an immaterial fact.
Life itself also is such an immaterial fact. There is no thing in you called life. Life is like the fitting of the shoe on the foot, not the shoe, not the foot, but the immaterial fitting. But life of course is a fact.

In nature and our culture, you everywhere see 'fitting of forms to each other' and in that fitting of forms, all workings play. And all these immaterial workings of course also are facts, no hard but soft facts.

Furthermore it is a fact, that whenever we speak of spirit, the vital spirit for example, we always have workings in mind, playing in the emptiness where forms fit to other forms. The fitting to the foot, in a manner of speaking, is the spirit of the shoe, and spirit therefore is a fact, like the vital spirit is a fact.

Next to that, you as spiritual being then also need to 'prove' that spirit is the cause of all. And then, you anyhow can point at all the things we made, like shoes, spectacles, trousers, chairs, bicycles and the like.
The need to fit to the form of a human being, defines the forms of all these things then. And the need to fit to the form of earthly conditions, defines the forms of eyes, flowers and plants and animals in general.
So spirit, the immaterial fitting, defines (at least the form of) the material things. And is there more than form?

For more proof of spirit, see this website.

Jan Helderman


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