Atoms as drums

In order to understand atoms and how they work, it is nice and also wise to compare them with musical instruments, drums in particular. With the difference of course that a musical drum produces sound waves while the electron drum makes light waves (colors) when vibrating.
The hydrogen atom then is the smallest drum while the biggest atom is the biggest drum. And like my piano has 88 keys to compose every melody with, nature has about 100 strings (atoms) to compose our whole world with.
And a molecule then is like a chord, while a rose or a human being then is like a melody played by an orchestra of atoms.
And like we communicate with sound waves, the atoms do that with light waves. A hydrogen atom (H) for example sends waves that are received and partly reflected by an oxygen atom (O). And that is how atoms learn to know each other, and then form water (H2O) or every other thing.
And even life can be better understood this way. The melody a rose or human being is, then is stored in a stem-cell, a bit like we store melodies on an usb stick. And only one such stem-cell then can produce the whole rose or human being again.

So maybe quarks and electrons indeed are just strings, like in string theory. Some basic lengths seen in the speed of light, that is the final end of physics, I expect. Who is the artist then?
I can imagine such a dreaming spirit. A dot and a line, that is where (s)he starts with, and some relating between dot and line.

Jan Helderman

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