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At the one (body) side, you have your brains, which can be seen as a kind of machine. At the other (mind) side you are a personality, with own personal ideas and feelings.
Are your brains producing your personality? Or is there some independent psychological You, using your brains?

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Your brains and senses have an own personal form, and that is your personality. You see your own form fitting to forms around you, and that is your awareness.

Physics too knows a kind of body-mind problem, then called the wave-particle dualism. An electron for example often is a particle, so a little thing, but can also be a wave. How come?
Maybe an electron only is particle-like in relation to a proton, but is wave-like for other electrons. A proton then only is particle-like in relation to an electron, but is wave-like for other protons.
An electron then has an inside particle-character but an outside wave-character, while a proton has an outside particle-character but an inside wave-character.

Also have a look at this Forces model:

The strong nuclear force 'wants' to make the proton zero again, while the field of light is directed towards the infinity. Electra however holds proton and electron together, so alive.
I anyhow think that proton and electron must be understood together, so as the proton-Electra-electron trinity.

Strong nuclear force Light
Inner space E
Outer space
Weak nuclear force Gravity

Weak nuclear force, positive Electra and Light have the same direction, while gravity, negative Electra and strong nuclear force have the same opposite direction.

My purpose always was politics, a better world, more honesty. But people need to understand themselves first, to be honest.
Politics must be based on philosophy, philosophy based in physics. Only facts count!
And remember this kid! Life is temporary, suddenly you are old. Always be honest! Do the things you want to do. Do not be afraid!
I am 60 years old now, and feel a bit ashamed for the world 'we' offer you, child. But you only may blame me, if you do it better!
I am glad to have made this website. What better else could I do?

Some final words about language. The form-working-form trinity structure of reality, is the noun-verb-noun structure of language.
We use nouns for the forms, verbs for the workings, and then you get:
I sit on chair.
My fingers type keys.
Screen shows text.
I upload text.
I close computer.
You read text.
You understand understanding.
Even in words like cloud, bike, bird, form, work and the like, you see the form-working-form structure, since open sounds of vowels (a e i o u) are enclosed by more closed sounds of consonants.

Jan Helderman, 9-6-9

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