Gliding chair

With this device you can change an ordinary chair into a rocking-swivel-chair.

Seat1. A for example 25 kg heavy ball can, as a pendulum, swing in a frame. The heavy ball can swing then in all directions and can also rotate and circle.
The swinging ball is by means of a stiff bar connected with a platform. When a 100 kg person sits on the platform then, it will feel quite stable.
Seat2. Such a thing then easily can be mounted under many chairs, especially ordinary chairs with four legs. The chair then bends with you in whatever direction. The chair of course also can fully rotate. If one paints the thing in a dark color, one hardly sees it.
The amount of swing must be limited and that can easily be done by mounting a thick rubber ring around the swing-rod just beneath the turning point.
Seat. It of course also is possible to build a completely new chair this way.
Especially for workers who sit all day, it is a very convenient chair I think.

I expect it feels like hovering above the floor a bit.

Next picture shows a different construction. The weight now is a ring or is mounted on this ring.


Advantage in this construction is that the amount of swing automatically is limited, which for safety reasons also is necessary.
Furthermore the weight can easily be adjusted, by mounting extra weight on the ring. This being adjustable of the weight also is necessary since it makes a lot of difference whether it is a person of 50 kg or 120 kg who sits on the chair.

The weight, both of the ball and the ring, can be any material, metal, sand, concrete et cetera.

Such a device can also have other practical use, with a baby-cradle mounted on it for example. The cradle then can rock and swing in all directions, like floating on the waves of the ocean.
Or it can be used as adjustable tv-set table. By moving the centre of gravity, the tv-set then can shine upwards or downwards, in all directions.

I am searching for a manufacturer of steel desk chairs.
Jan Helderman